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Reinventing the modern nanny

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My time in the Nanny industry has taught me a lot.  I’ve connected with some truly inspirational people (both colleagues and parents) who have instilled me with the most incredible insight around what it takes to raise a family.  I’ve worked alongside some beautiful children who have taught me patience, friendship and love as we both explore the world together. My time as the National Nanny Representative with Australian Nanny Association taught me to aim higher in my influence and  how to work alongside communities and Government to expand this incredible industry.  The biggest lesson out of all of this though, was the potential.  I truly believe that the Nanny Industry is the answer to a lot problems working parents face.  I’ve recently launched a brand new company and I want to introduce it to you today.

LogotriangleIntroducing Nanager.

Nanager is the end result of slogging out 3 years as a Nanny around Australia, working for over 20 families and networking with industry professionals.  It was this journey that opened my eyes to the opportunity for  new solutions  nannies could offer and  improve the impact they can have in Australian homes.  My offering is now complete and I recently launched it through my new brand, Nanager.

I connect families, organisations and companies to Nanagers based on compatibility.  Through communication tools, digital resources and mentoring, I foster a strong working relationship with all my matches.  I am passionate about rewarding professional childcare workers so through Nanager I aim to further support them in creating a strong name for themselves within the industry and help them earn their worth.

What is a Nanager?

Nanager is a childcare professional who combines her service with effective home-management support.  Typically working for 2 – 4 families a week, a Nanager is a sole-trader who runs her service behind her own personal brand and customises it based on her skill-set. Nanagers are hard working and innovative, who take the time to understand your family and role-out an effective routine that help working parents juggle it all.

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Nanager is more then an agency, I want to role out a social change.

Too often I hear about working mum’s making sacrifices in jobs they love to ensure the house is taken care of as well.  By allowing parents to outsource the time-consuming house work, they can focus on what’s most important, spending time as a family.  This positive impact will spread beyond the home and into workplaces.  Companies will see higher moral rates, lower retention rates and a drop in stress levels for their working parents.  We all know that raising a family and juggling a career makes one time poor, we simply allow them an opportunity to invest in getting that time back.

Where to from here?

I am in the process of interviewing for my first round of placements.  Engagement from the launch has been overwhelming and it’s pretty clear that families are excited and ready for Nanagers to start rolling out.  I am also in conversations with some organisations about rolling out the Nanager solution to their employees.  I’m hoping to expand on this and provide workplaces with events and workshops that will connect families with skills, advice and information that they can take home with them, further empowering them to have it all!


Want to get involved?

  • I’m interested in hiring a Nanager
  • I’m interested in becoming a Nanager
  • I’m interested in collaborating with Nanager

If you connect with any of the above sentences, I’d love to hear from you.  Being a start up I’m all about growing and establishing this new initiative over time with the RIGHT people.  As first round of investment opens up this month, I invite anyone to get in early and be a part of the foundations in creating this social change.  If you are want to get in touch, email lauren@nanager.com.au

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