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How to Survive the School holidays…

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As a child, school holidays were the best time of year. It meant constant playtime – every kids dream. Growing up as one of five children, we constantly had friends over to play. We didn’t have consoles or computers and were rarely allowed to watch TV, so our toys and imagination were all we had. We proved you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.  Here are some ideas from my childhood and online that you can try at home over the school holidays.

Please comment any school holiday ideas you want to share.

Tip #1 Make a boredom cupboard

Dedicate a section of the house to hold all things fun.  Allowing children to select their own solution to boredom is a great way to encourage their imagination, creativity and develop their ability to make their own fun.  If you are continually the one who provides a solution to their boredom, they will never learn to think for themselves and you’ll drive yourself mental.
Cupboard supplies
Craft box – glue | scissors | sticky tape | paint | pencil case with colouring utensils

Board games

Activity and colouring in books

Thick chalk for driveway doodling

Dress ups and old make up



Tip #2 Set up a 1000+piece puzzle to do as a family

In my family, it was tradition to have a large puzzle out over the school holidays.  We were drawn to it as children, slowly adding a couple of pieces here and there, or spending a whole night together completing it.

Tip #3 Baking and cooking

If you find yourself in the kitchen, get the kids involved! Why not bake a high tea to share in the afternoon? What preparation can the children do for dinner? Don’t forget to let them help clean up by licking the bowl.

Tip #4 Go for a walk/ bike ride

Getting outdoors is important – if you spend too much time inside the children can start getting a little restless. Find a park and; throw a Frisbee, teach your children your childhood games like kick the can and hide and seek, or just have a family picnic.

Tip #5 Make a school holiday project

Why not make a project or goal for the children to work towards?  Depending on the ages of the children you could do a small research project.  Here are a couple of ideas – 
Spring clean – clean out all the old toys and clothes that are no longer needed.  Then donate them!  Take the children with you, get them to hand over the donation so that they understand and enjoy the importance of giving to others.
Plant a veggie garden – This is great for children to understand sustainability.  You could research what is good to grow together (companion planting) and for the time of year.  Be sure to make a sign with a name for the garden and allow the children to be in charge of the maintenance of garden.  This ownership will allow them to keep attention for a long period.  Once the veggies are grown you can FEAST!

Tip #6 Explore pinterest!

Pinterest is a great tool to get your creative juices flowing for other activity ideas.  Click here for more school holiday ideas or customise your own search.  If you haven’t got a pinterest account – get one. You can find me on Pinterest here however, I’m just getting the account started so there isn’t too much to see just yet.

Lollaby is always here if you want to ask for some ideas.  Email if you have a scenario you want ideas for!

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