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Lollaby has moved to Melbourne

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20150115_122829-1 (2)In the last couple of months, a few opportunities have presented themselves that are too good to ignore, which has led to my decision to move Lollaby down to Melbourne but it’s with a heavy heart I leave Townsville.  It was a decision I struggled with because it meant saying goodbye to the amazing families I have come across.  Now that I have made the transition and planned for the future I can see it’s not goodbye it’s see you soon.  My plans for Lollaby are growing and thanks to this newsletter and blog I can remain relevant and in touch with my community in Townsville.

I started Lollaby almost a year ago to the day.  My aim was provide flexible and individual childcare solutions to Townsville families and I’m proud to have achieved that goal.  My passion behind Lollaby was providing support to families so they can achieve financial security through their careers whilst maintaining a healthy and happy home environment.  We’re in a new generation of parenting, the reality is if you want to live comfortably both parents need to work.  This shouldn’t burden your family life, you should be able to embrace it and Lollaby is here to help you get there.  Although I can no longer work directly with families in Townsville I want the support to grow further, which lead to the inspiration to start the Lollaby blog and newsletter.  I don’t want to be the voice, I want to connect the voices to create a large family network who help each other.

Already the move to Melbourne has introduced me to some very talented people who can help Lollaby reach its fullest potential.  Although the service itself has temporarily ceased in Townsville, the blog is still extremely relevant and I want to hear from all Townsville families in their triumphs, struggles, advice and support.  In future I aim to bring Lollaby back to Townsville with a new wealth of knowledge and inspiration.  I would love to stay connected with the families in Townsville to help provide a trustworthy and reliable solution to your childcare needs.

I can’t wait to see what we can all create together! I’m so excited for the next few issues that are coming out. I want to hear from anyone and everyone in topics and discussions that interest you, and connect you to some amazing professionals and experts in the way of families, childcare and raising children.

Thanks to all those who helped and supported me in the move – it already looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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