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Introducing your child to day-care.

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  A blog by Cathy Brown
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My Mum, Cathy Brown

“Hi there, I’m Cathy!  I’ve been working in childcare for the last 30 years and would like to talk to you about the transition to day-care.  When you make the decision to enroll your child into childcare for the first time you may find yourself dealing with strong levels of anxiety, spontaneous burst of tears and then on top of this you have to deal with your child’s emotions too! It would be lovely to stay home, but for most families childcare is a reality that must be faced. With the right preparation the transition can be done smoothly, with minimal stress for both parents and children.”


Easy does it

Prior to starting make a couple of relaxed visits so you and your child can interact with the carers and other children in care. This makes the environment familiar and helps the child ease into this new stage of their life and it gives you a good sense of what the day-care is like throughout the day.

Take a bit of home with them

Pack a comforter! Allow your child to choose a  favourite toy, laminated family photo or favourite story book they can hold onto for security.

Keep calm

Stay relaxed and happy (even if you’re a mess on the inside) as your child will read your body language.

Always say good-bye

When it’s time to go, leave your child with a Carer and say goodbye. Don’t sneak off, it’s far better in the long run to let your child know when you are going – you don’t want them to think you’re tricking them into staying.

Plan pick up time

As your child is adjusting to the new routine, make pick up time consistent so they can use the daily routine at day-care to know when to expect you.

Buckle up for the ride

Just remember that day one separation may be a breeze, day two may bring tears and day three could be the worst day yet but remain patient. It takes time for this transition into Day-care to work.

Get to know the carers

We don’t bite! We spend the whole day with your child and we have stories to share.  Many of my parents become friends and these friendly interactions can really help calm your child.  If you openly like and trust the Carer, they will too.  So say hello, read the daily diary and show your appreciation for all they do.  It costs nothing and it means so much.

Are you having trouble transitioning your child into care?  Please get in touch and we can make some suggestions based on your individual scenario.  Everyone is different so let us customise the support for you.  Email Lauren directly at lauren@lollaby.com.au and your query will be handled professionally, discreetly and free of charge.
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