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DIY Art Space

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Creativity is essential to a child’s development and is a real focus point in the Early Year’s Framework.  Your child will bring home enough art to wallpaper an entire room and you are normally given these master pieces at the worst time.   It’s unrealistic to keep every single piece but today I want to share with you an easy solution that I often implement with families that I work with to celebrate these moments of pride.



2015-01-08 16.14.03 (2)What you will need:

A pin board measured to your desired space – I found mine at Bunnings

Thick fabric – I allowed the child to chose the pattern to create a connection to the project


Staple gun and staples

Spray on glue

2015-01-08 16.31.31 (2)Make sure you work outside and cover your table because the spray glue can get messy.  Iron and cut your material to be five inches wider than your board and lay face it down on the table.  

If you have patterned fabric use the board to mark a position where the pattern is straight as there is nothing worse then staring at a crooked pattern for the rest of your life.  

Be sure to read your glue instructions before you start spaying the board/fabric.

2015-01-08 16.41.08 (2)

Once you have sprayed the board flip it over and smooth out any creases and pull all the edges tight.

 Turn the board back over to glue and staple the edges.  

Fold the corners neat and tight with a couple of staples and spread staples around all edges as well.  Peg the sides and leave the board over night.  

I didn’t cover the back because I wanted to save money but you could use some light ply wood to cover if you wish.  

Important points and tips to remember…

2015-01-08 19.13.31 (2)When choosing which pieces to add to the board, don’t – Let the child(ren) decide! Remember this board is here to give your child(ren) somewhere to place the work THEY are proud of.  We often go to hang the pretty and colourful pictures because they look good but creativity takes all forms so let your child decide.

Art is a child expressing their imagination through creativity and plays a huge role in your child’s development.  It’s important to avoid phrases like “What’s that?” when a child hands you art.  Instead, change what you say to be something like “Tell me about your drawing…” so that the child can explain their vision freely.


20150112_154222 (2)

Special thanks to Lily and Jessie who let me show off some truly spectacular art projects!

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  1. I love this art board idea Lauren, can’t wait to make this with my grandchildren


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