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Leeanne Stathooles | Client Story

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“Lollaby services helped me increase my business while maintaining a healthy home environment.  I know once I return home after a long day the house will be in order and dinner is taken care of.  I can then put my feet up and spend some well earned time with the children.  It is also great to have a reliable, familiar face to call on for babysitting when we need it.  The girls are happy, they feel secure and that is the most important thing to me.” – Leeanne Stathooles

Family size: 4

Children ages: 2 & 5

Hours – 16 – 45 /week

Leeanne and her husband run their own business and have care arrangements for their two children with school and daycare.  Leeanne approached Lollaby for a service to help her manage the school pick ups, weekday evenings and school holidays so that she can remain focused at work.  Through the school term, Lollaby supports the Stathooles family of an evening by managing the children and household.  Leeanne can get on with business and knows that when she returns home from work the children are picked up, homework is done, the house is clean, washing is folded and a nutritious dinner is on the go.  These extra tasks provided by Lollaby allows the family to spend quality time together before they sit down for a meal and prepare for bed.

Tasks provided by Lollaby

Child-minding | House cleaning | Preparing nutritional meals | Tutoring | Babysitting | Washing and laundry | School drop off and pick up | Grocery shopping | School holiday program | Getting ready for school | Preparing school lunches | Ironing

Images provided by the incredibly talented Angelica Sotelo

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