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Kellie Walters | Client Story

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“Lollaby has been a very welcome and much needed addition to our family. I now get to spend much more time playing with and enjoying the company of my children, and they cherish the chance to cuddle me more without pots, pans and cleaning cloths in my hand. Our home is clean, ordered and organised and no longer a chaotic mess. We are all able to eat tasty and nutritious meals together over good, relaxed conversation about the day. And, most importantly, my children are happy and relaxed. What more could I want? Thank you Lauren and Lollaby for enhancing our lives.” – Kellie Walters

Family size: 6

Children’s ages: 5 – 13

Hours: 16 – 35/week

Kellie approached Lollaby for help with the family on a full time basis.  Both parents work and Kellie needed to provide consistency to her children as her work load increased due to a change of circumstances.  Through discussions and negotiations, Lollaby was able to provide Kellie and her family with a role aimed at nurturing consistency and routine in the home.  This role evolved over time and provided the benefits of having an extra set of hands where it was needed most.  Whether it be cooking or helping relocate, our dedicated staff used iniative, hard work and flexability to remain true to Kellie’s expectations as well as exceed them.  Over time these tasks grew and the relationship between Kellie and Lollaby expanded to not only help with the family and home but professionally in the office as well.

Tasks provided by Lollaby:

Child-minding | Cooking | School drop off & pick up | Dinner preparation House cleaning | Tutoring | Moving house | Personal assistant | Taking the children to extra curriculum activities | Ironing | Organisation skills

Images provided by the incredibly talented Angelica Sotelo

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