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Six reasons why 2016 is the year to be an Australian Nanny.

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SLR end 15 and 16 266As I reach the two year mark of running a business, I often pinch myself as I look back on the crazy #nannylife I lead.     Making that leap from childcare to being a nanny was the scariest professional decision I’ve ever made, but it was also the best.  I am nowmy own boss, creating a reputable brand in a job that I am extremely passionate about.  The best part thoughis that I’ve come in at the right time.  The nanny industry is exploding in growth and opportunity, and it’s only just getting started.

Nannies are connected

Being a nanny can be quite isolating and lonely.  I missed having colleagues and adult conversation but thanks to social media, that’s all changed.  I am a part of the most wonderful nanny communities that connect me to like minded, professional nannies and their wealth of knowledge.  Whether it be passing on details for a new job, organising play dates, asking tips on toilet training or just venting about a rough day at work you know you can rely on your fellow nannies for support!

Are you a lonely nanny?  Contact Melissa from The Nanny Network on Facebook and she will connect you to your local nanny community today!  Tell her Lollaby sent you.

The effect that nannies have on the community

The modern career has evolved and working parents face higher demands in their work life.  Gone are the days where the stay-at-home Mum can manage the home life because it’s hard to be financially comfortable these days without a double income household.  This is where the nannies come in!  The difference a good nanny can have on a home results in families being able to take control of their spare time and spend it where it’s most important – as a family.  The misconception that nannies are just for the wealthy, or they have to be full time, is changing.  Nannies arrangements are all unique and can work to suit families of different shapes, sizes and schedules.

Professional development opportunities

When I first entered the industry I tried to source some training but found there was a huge lack of professional development targeted at nannies.  Throughout 2015 we saw the introduction of both the Australian Nanny Conference and the ANA Convention.  These events gave nannies the opportunity to connect, network and learn content based on our industry.  I’m looking forward to attending both in 2016 alongside another new convention event, Nanny Palooza.  It’s not just conventions though, plenty of tailored workshops are popping up everyone, encouraging nannies to further their knowledge.

Attending such events also inspired me to create my own and I proudly launched #Nannyboss two weeks ago.  My workshop is designed to help nannies run as sufficient sole-traders and effectively market their service as a brand.  Once again this highlights what a good career move it was for me to move into the nanny sector.

Pilot programme

A year ago the Nanny Pilot Programme was announced and I was so excited to see the impact it would have on the industry. Over the course of the year I watched as the media spotlight hit the nanny industry with more people discussing the value and support a good nanny could offer on a family. I have had concerns and wonder if the programme has been given the right funding and logistics to succeed but overall it has been the best thing to happen to the Australian nanny industry.  We as nannies have been given a platform to showcase the role we play in society and a lot of people are watching.  Even if they aren’t involved in the program, families are noticing the nanny solution and we are watching the industry grow becauseof it.

A viable career option for those wanting to work with children

As someone who loves working with children I found the childcare industry wasn’t for me.  Somewhere between the mountain of documentation and the unrealistic time frames to maintain excessive quality standards, I decided to leave a job that I felt passionate about.  I still wanted to work with children and use my diploma so  I explored my nanny options.  It’s been two years and on top of all the wonderful experiences I have gained the skills of running a small business and marketing a professional brand.  When it comes to the relationships I build with parents and children, I have felt them shift from quantity to quality.  The energy and love I can put into each learning journey takes the play experiences to a whole other level.  Here is an opinion piece I wrote on the topic.

Opportunity and empowerment

 The nanny industry is growing quickly and it’s incredible to be a part of something that is changing the lives of Australian families.  In saying that, the industry is still incredibly untapped and there is so much more to come.  The potential opportunity coming from this growth truly empowers nannies to strive towards new heights in their career and makes being a nanny a viable career option for those who love to work with children.

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