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Nanny Boss Workshops

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Unlike other childcare professions, nannies work mostly on their own. They don’t have a manager or colleagues to work alongside and often miss out on regular coaching and mentoring.   Nanny Boss is a space to get nannies thinking bigger about the way they present their service and the goals they set for themselves in their career.  This workshop sets you up  with the right tools to land that dream job and showcase your potential to agencies and families professionally.

Workshop includes

  • Obtain an ABN
  • Create and manage a nanny Facebook page
  • Presenting your testimonials + WOW factor
  • Free online tools to market and advertise your services
  • ATO obligations and managing your finances
  • Exclusive access to Lollaby co-working events

Already completed some of the topics?  Don’t worry – Nanny Boss is set up in a co-working environment.  You can move your laptop to a quiet space where you can work on your brand, or you can stick around and share your wisdom with the group.

Time: 5 – 6 hours (Co-working available after)

Workshop cost: $120

Contact us today to book your spot in our next workshop.

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